Get growing

Give your customers a choice of networks and improve their coverage

Create bespoke, flexible,
transparent tariffs

Reduce your network SLAs
and take full control
of your customer service

"We already had a reseller agreement, but we wanted to do our own provisioning and work with a reliable service provider with an established O2 proposition and better support."

The world keeps turning

Wholesale partners expect more from their suppliers,
with online billing portals, provisioning tools
and spend alerts

Customers want more flexibility,
with 30-day contracts,
SIM-only or bespoke tariffs

Your service needs to be unique,
without breaking the bank

"We had to give our end-customers the service they needed, with the support and response times we expect from our provider. And we wanted to improve our commercial offering, too."

In your corner

Meet your customers’ needs with a fully tailored service

Be more competitive and grow your mobile margins

Get direct network access with easy-to-use tools

Offer the best in account management with online billing and data usage alerts

Set your own SLAs so your customers get a better service

A smooth move without any impact or disruption to your customers

"Total made it a smooth process moving to O2. We now put more connections through because of the support and speed they offer, which has improved our customer service."

A safe pair of hands

Enjoy a tailored service that’s based
on a solid understanding of your needs

Bespoke propositions, backed by
a true partnership programme

A transparent, flexible
commercial model

Easy switching and expert support
from our experienced team

Reliable, stable commercials to help
you plan and forecast your revenues

A proven track record of maintaining or
improving service quality for our partners

"The partner team at Total got us up to speed quickly and easily. We now have much faster service response times, with clear visibility allowing us to react better to support our customers."

Get more for your mobile

If that all sounds like something you’d like to know more about, our team of experts will spend some time listening to your needs and understanding your business so we can reach the right solution.

From there we can give you access to the tools you need and all the right support to help you get more from your mobile offer.

Contact us now to find out more.

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